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The Adventures of Super Toilet

video streaming , cartoon Jan 2009 ; Duration: 9 min.
Aut. Charlie Williams
WaterAid - London WaterAid - New York
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Editor Presentation
The Adventures of Super Toilet is a fun, but important, reminder to kids everywhere of the importance of clean toilets, safe drinking water and good hygiene...
- Super Toilet fights for Poop Justice and the Sanitary Spray. He is always on hand to safely dispose of poo when he hears the call 'Flush-a-Doody-Poo!'
- Vinny the Poo has one aim in mind: to make the school kids sick so they can't go to school.
- Soapy Hero is the coolest member of the team. His super soapy action power helps kids to wash their hands after visits to the loo, so that they keep away those nasty bugs after doing their business.
- Driplette's super power is to keep nasty bugs from poo - like cholera and typhoid - out of water supplies everywhere. Thanks to Driplette, the water kids drink won't make them sick.

Target Audiences:

aged 5-7 years , aged 8-10 years , aged 11-13 years


child (DT) (ET) , hand washing, soap (DT) (ET) , hygiene (DT) (ET) , latrine, toilet (DT) (ET)


WaterAid - London - United Kingdom

WaterAid - New York - Usa

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