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Toolkit for Schools

educational material Jan 2008
Ed. LSHTM - London
Downloadable from the publisher
The intended audience for this document is anyone who is responsible for developing handwashing campaigns in schools anywhere. A manual accompanies this document to provide detailed guidance, protocols and materials for use in conducting the formative research necessary for developing your own hand hygiene campaign in schools.
The Toolkit includes:
- A document outlining the background and rationale for the tools
- A document containing a description of all tool protocols
- A set of forms for use during data collection
- A set of pictures for use in one of the tools

Target Audiences:

Teacher , Facilitator / Educator


hand washing, soap (DT) (ET) , hygiene (DT) (ET) , school (DT) (ET)


LSHTM - London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Environmental Health Group - London - United Kingdom

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