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International Solidarity for Water and Sanitation: European citizens take action

livret Mar 2009 ; 24 pages
Ed. ECODES - Zaragoza pS-Eau - Paris
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   Solidarité internationale pour l'eau et l'assainissement: Des élus et des citoyens européens agissent    Solidaridad internacional en el ámbito del agua y el saneamiento: Los políticos y los ciudadanos europeos actúan Contents:
The Challenges of Water and Sanitation
Europeans Take Action
In Spain
. Alianza por el agua, a multi-stakeholder partnership between Spain and Central America
. AMVISA, a water supply company and a municipality join forces
. URA -UNESCO Extea, an innovative partnership in the Basque Country
In France
A new legal framework, specialised NGOs and active local authorities
In Italy
Water Right Foundation, founder of an effective multi-stakeholder partnership
In the United Kingdom
WaterAid, raising funds for water and sanitation in the South
In The Netherlands
. Vitens-Evides International, pioneering partnerships to strengthen services in the South
. Aqua for All, water sector employees take action
In Belgium
. The Flemish Partnership Water for Development, a platform of private and public stakeholders
. PROTOS programme in Ecuador
In Switzerland
Solidarit’eau Suisse, an on-line platform
Different ways to reach a shared goal



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ECODES - Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo - Zaragoza - Espagne

pS-Eau - Programme Solidarité Eau - Paris

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