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Puits drainé

film video internet Jan 2007 ; Durée: 2 min.
Ed. ADI-KIVU - Bukavu Join for Water - Gent
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Est présenté briévement la disposition de ce captage particulier, appelé "puits drainé". Il présente l'avantage de ne plus contaminer l'eau puisé, ce qui était la cause de maladies, dont une épidémie de choléra.
Protos: "The puit drainage was designed by ADI KIVU, (one of the members of the platform) in response to endemic cholera and bilharzias, and the reluctance by locals to install a hand pump, which they feared was too expensive and technically difficult to maintain. The puit drainage is a cross between a sub surface water tank and a well, so the tank is situated below the water table, and around the tank, you have the usual gravel pack and porous walls used in well design. To collect water you climb down 2m of steps, and open taps at the base of the tank. The tank has a pipe for aeration, a service hatch, and at ground level, a drain for waste water, which is scooped out using half a jerry can. Each household contributes 50 Congolese Francs every three months, (about 10 US cents). Of these, only about 50% have the means to contribute, which they do, this in sorghum or manioc. Despite their poverty, they have raised enough to fix 5 broken taps this year. As the nearest hardware shop is in Bukavu, 40km away, from breakage to repair takes about a week, (as, having no transport of their own, they must wait till market day for transport) meanwhile the attendants open and close the taps for the public.
I am dubious about the workload of the women, having to climb up the steps with their full jerry cans, and then back up the hill to their homes. But they are clearly overjoyed that the cholera has stopped and the ‘puit drainage’ is used and well maintained. Hygiene however remains poor, the protruding stomachs of the little children indicate worms and they report some cases of diarrhoea, which with a PHAST programme due to start, this should alleviate some of these sickness. "

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captage de source (DT) (OP) , hygiène (DT) (OP) , puits (DT) (OP)

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Congo Rép. Dém. (DT) (OP)


ADI-KIVU - Association pour le Développement intégré au Kivu - Bukavu - Congo Rép. Dém.

Join for Water - Gent - Belgique

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