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Water Literate

A Unique Resource for the Literacy Hour - Raising issues about water, development and sustainability in rural Tanzania Persuasive writing, poems and stories for Key Stage 2 document pédagogique écrit Mar 1999 ; 32 pages
Aut. Dylan Theodore
WaterAid - London
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The materials in this pack are most par ticularly aimed at Year 4 or Year 5, Term 3 pupils. They are designed as a challenging component of work, to raise issues and introduce the use of persuasive language through reading and writing. This component has been planned to last three weeks, using a planning model for four groups. Friday of each week is devoted to extended writing. There are differentiated texts for guided reading.
The two sets of identical photographs are provided for group and individual reference. It may be useful to reproduce these on colour overheads, along with the shared texts, in order to maximise the impact of the stimuli.
Plan for Week One
Plan for Week Two
Plan for Week Three
Information on the Photographs
Shared Text: Water in the World
Guided Texts
Shared Text: Rachel’s Story
Guided Texts
Tobacco Debate
Shared Text: The River’s Story
Shared Text: Tap into Life
Guided Text
Shared Text: a Letter
Music for Tap into Life

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