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Water Sanitation and Health Electronic Library

A Compendium of WHO Information on Water, Sanitation and Health
CD-Rom Jan 2006 ; prix indicatif: 300€
Ed. WHO - Genève - 4 édition ; Isbn: 9789240560246
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The Water, Sanitation and Health electronic library, Fourth edition, includes more than 220 documents of new and current publications. The documents provide information on water supply and sanitation, recreational/bathing waters, achieving the Millennium Development Goals on water, sanitation and hygiene, drinking-water quality, water resources management and health-care waste. Included are full text books and guidelines, facts sheets, facts and figures, posters, advocacy materials and other information products.

The CD ROM is intended to assist all those interested in water, sanitation and health by providing them with comprehensive up-to-date information. Users include public health specialists, scientists, policy makers, practitioners, academics, non-governmental organizations in developing and developed countries. By assisting these and other user groups the electronic library is intended to contribute towards the International Decade for Action, Water for Life: 2005-2015.

The CD ROM is periodically supplemented and updated. The next is scheduled in 2008.


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