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Right to Water (The)

livre Jan 2003 ; 44 pages
Ed. UNICEF - New York ; Issn: 1684-1700; Isbn: 92 4 159056 4
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This publication:
- Outlines the scope and content of the legal definition of the human right to water and its relationship to other civil, cultural, economic, political, and social rights;
- Discusses the right to water as a human right, and examines its implications on the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders;
- Examines the various communities affecting and being affected by the right to water;
- Considers the contribution the right to water can and should make towards making drinking-water a reality for all;
- Explores a human rights-based approach to water.

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droit à l'eau (CI) (DT) (OP)


UNICEF - New York - Etats Unis

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