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Management of End-of-life Li-ion Batteries through E-waste Compensation in Nigeria

Feasibility study on options for developing environmentally sound recycling solutions in Nigeria
dossier, étude Mar 2022 ; 35 pages
Aut. Inga Hilbert & Andreas Manhart & Tobias Schleicher & Leslie Adogame & Johannes Betz & Hannah Jung & Reinhardt Smit
GIZ - Eschborn Prevent Waste Alliance -
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The following study addresses the possibilities for responsible management of end-of-life lithium-ion batteries from domestic consumption in Nigeria. As there are currently no recycling and final treatment capacities for such batteries installed in Nigeria, it explores options for setting-up such capacities, including technical aspects and investments needs.
The study was carried-out under the project E-waste Compensation as an international financing mechanism in Nigeria (ECoN) with the project partner Closing the Loop organizing environmentally friendly and suitable collection, transport and final management together with the partners Verde Impacto Nigeria, Hinckley Recycling Ltd., in Nigeria.
1 Background & purpose of the study p.6
2 About e-waste compensation p.7
3 Health, safety & environmental aspects p.9
4 Management options p.10
4.1 Collection p.10
4.2 Handling & storage p.11
4.3 Reuse & repurposing p.12
4.4 Further treatment options p.13
4.4.1 Export for recycling p.14
4.4.2 Manual pre-processing p.15
4.4.3 Thermal pre-processing p.17
4.4.4 Mechanical pre-processing p.18
4.4.5 Pyrometallurgical processing p.21
4.4.6 End-processing p.23
4.5 Management of other battery types p.24
5 Economic aspects p.25
5.1 Collection, handling, storage, pre-processing, and shipment p.25
5.2 Final treatment p.26
5.3 Payments from contract partners p.27
5.4 Policy development in Nigeria p.28
6 Summary and way forward p.30
7 References p.33

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déchets électriques et électroniques (DEEE) (CI) (DT) (OP)

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Nigeria (CI) (DT) (OP)


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