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SNA workshop report_12FEB2024

rapport Feb 2024 ; 5 pages
Ed. LEWAP - Beirut
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The HawkaMaa-EU project aims to provide WASH assistance to support water governance and public water and wastewater services in Lebanon for host and refugee communities. A consortium formed of different organizations is at work; the implementing partners of the project are ACTED, ACF, WW-GVC, LebRelief and Solidarités International with the support of IMPACT, LCPS, Nahnoo and LEWAP.
Under this project, LEWAP’s role is to conduct workshops around topics of high relevance for the water Sector. On 12 February 2024, a workshop on the Social Network Analysis study conducted by IMPACT Initiatives, in partnership with Acted, LebRelief and WWGVC, on three river basins in Lebanon (Al Ostuan, Al Ghadir and Al Assi) took place in Beirut Digital District (BDD).
The workshop started off by a short introduction of LEWAP and the HawkaMaa-EU project, this was followed by an introductory presentation from ACTED on the river basin approach under the HawkaMaa-EU project, then a presentation of the stakeholder network analysis (SNA) by IMPACT and finally feedback on recommendations with LEWAP.


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