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End-of-Life Management of Batteries in the Off-Grid Solar Sector

How to deal with hazardous battery waste from solar power projects in developing countries?
guide , rapport Oct 2018 ; 44 pages
Aut. Inga Hilbert & Federico Magalini & Andreas Manhart
GIZ - Eschborn
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While energy-access projects undoubtedly have numerous positive development effects on newly electrified communities, they also bring new challenges related to waste management. These challenges are linked to the fact that equipment used for mini-grids and SHS, as well as the electrical and electronic devices powered by the new systems, will sooner or later become waste. And these waste types have more or less hazardous properties and require special treatment and disposal.

This paper aims to introduce the realities of managing e waste and battery waste in the context of developing countries, with a specific focus on energy access projects.
Introduction p.4
E-Waste from off-gridsolar power projects p.6
End-of-life characteristics of different battery types p.12
Business models and their implications on end-of-life management p.23
Options for energy access projects p.26

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déchets électriques et électroniques (DEEE) (CI) (DT) (OP) , énergie (CI) (DT) (OP) , énergie solaire (CI) (DT) (OP)


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