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Empower a woman with water and she can changer her city: A focus on Mena

article Jan 2023 ; 8 pages
Aut. Cities Alliance
Ed. UNOPS - Beirut
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Water scarcity is a key issue increasingly affecting people living in MENA cities due to multiple factors. Women and girls are among the worst affected by water scarcity because of their social roles and responsibilities. Although they play a key role in supplying livelihoods and food security, their ability to act on the management of water resources often remains very limited. This brochure aims at better understanding this issue, identifying approaches for inclusive and gender-sensitive water management, and promoting women’s empowerment in water resources governance. This document includes key data and
excerpts from interviews carried out with regional experts, activists and practitioners from Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine and Egypt.

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UNOPS - United Nations Office for Project Services - Beirut - Liban

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