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Al Ghadir RBM - Baseline Report

rapport Nov 2023 ; 111 pages
Ed. ACTED - Beirut BTD - Beirut CNRSL - Beirut MEE - Beirut GVC - Furn El Chebak
Under the Hawkamaa-EU project, funded by the European Union, Acted, We-World GVC and BTD, developed water balance models for the Al Assi (Bekaa) and Al Ghadir (BML) river basins. The CNRS-L also provided technical support and oversight in the development of the models. Another partner was Notre Dame University who conducted water quality testing campaigns to assess key water pollutants of the basins. The models informed the development of a Programme of measures for each basin, which were presented to national and local stakeholders in the aim to promote integrated approaches to water management and ultimately improve water availability and use around the two basins. The Programme of Measures include budgeted actions that can be undertaken to achieve this goal.

Here is the Baseline Report of Al Ghadir River Basin Management Plan


Tout public , Acteurs de coopération , Socio-économiste , Décideurs locaux ou nationaux


ACTED - Beirut - Liban

BTD - Bureau Technique pour le Développement - Beirut - Liban

CNRSL - Conseil national de la recherche scientifique du Liban - Beirut - Liban

MEE - Ministère de l'Energie et de l'Eau - Beirut - Liban

GVC - WeWorld - Furn El Chebak - Liban

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