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Delivering Global Rural Water Services through Results-Based Contracts

How a standard contract design with payment for results can ensure resilient water services at scale
rapport Oct 2021 ; 20 pages
Aut. Rob Hope & Duncan McNicholl & Alex Money
Ed. Uptime - Oxford
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Our 2021 working paper describes how we have improved results-based contracts for scale while actively testing them across seven African countries to benefit c. 1.5 million people.
The first multi-country pilot for results-based funding of rural water services was launched in October 2020. The Uptime Catalyst Facility, a UK-registered charity, issues non-repayable funding to rural water maintenance providers after reliability results are confirmed. Services are now being funded in seven countries serving an estimated 1.5 million rural people.
The initial scope of the initiative covered five service providers across four African countries to support reliable water services for 1.3 million rural people at a cost of less than USD 1 per person per year. Water users paid one third of the costs.

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