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GlobalWise Hitosa

Ed. WaterAid - London
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For this activity we have wound back the clock to 1996. You have just been appointed the Virtual Project Manager for the Hitosa water supply project in Ethiopia and your job is to work with the local people, and the world, to create the water supply scheme.
The game has 10 questions which you have to answer. Each time you answer a question correctly you will get 14 kilometres of pipe and you will see the water flow into the village as your score increases.

Answering the ten questions correctly will get you 140 kilometres of pipe, exactly the length the people of Hitosa needed to construct their water supply pipeline!


6ème - 5ème , 4ème - 3ème , Lycée

Mot clef:

distribution d'eau potable (DT) (OP)

Pays concerné:

Ethiopie (DT) (OP)


WaterAid - London - Royaume Uni

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