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Potentiality of Treated Wastewater in Bekaa Region Lebanon for Crop Irrigation

rapport May 2023 ; 28 pages
Aut. Razan Sinno & Kinda Yassine
Ed. BAU - Beirut
Téléchargeable sous format: PdF (840 ko)
This report aims to contribute to knowledge on the status of wastewater treatment in Bekaa, Lebanon .and examine its potentiality for reuse in irrigation. To achieve this aim, a combination of desk analysis of related studies and reports and field data collection was conducted.
Findings of the desk analysis show that a volume of 275 million cubic meters (Mm3) and 328 Mm3 per year is generated of municipal wastewater generated in the country. To date, 104 wastewater plants (WWTPs) exist in Lebanon, among which 41 are operational and 20 may be considered as partially operational as they face many limitations to operate adequately, another 35 are classified as not operational, and eight are still under construction


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