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Evaluation of the ecological quality of the Al-Ostuan River and statistical study of the socio-economic status

rapport Nov 2022 ; 58 pages
Aut. Nader Nadda
Ed. LU - Beirut
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Like most Lebanese rivers, the Al-Ostuan River in Akkar suffers from many environmental problems. The most important of these are the discharge of sewage into the river, the discharge of waste into the river, negligence and lack of collaboration between state institutions.
This work presents a statistical study to have an economic and social assessment of the Ostuan River Basin through a survey conducted among the municipalities (40 villages) of the Ostuan River Basin regarding the river’s pollution. This assessment showed that the ecological situation of the river is very catastrophic, lack of information about water polluting activities and important economic impacts.
In view of the results, the state must stop the encroachment of citizens on the river, and push them to take care of the water sources as a basic natural resource for themselves and for the following generations.


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