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Children's Hygiene And Sanitation Training

guide , rapport Jan 2002
Aut. Esther de Vreede
Ed. Caritas - Luzern
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Children’s Hygiene And Sanitation Training (CHAST) is a newly developed approach for promoting personal hygiene among children living in the rural areas of Somalia. Based upon the well-established Participatory Hygiene And Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) approach, CHAST uses a variety of exercises and educational games to teach children aged between five and 12 about the links between personal hygiene and health. The approach is based upon the premise that hygiene practices are largely acquired during childhood – and that it is much easier to change children’s habits than those of adults.
CHAST grew out of a series of sessions with schoolchildren in Northwest Somalia (Somaliland) in the latter half of 2002, during which the exercises and lessons of PHAST were reviewed and adapted to suit the needs and natural understanding of young Somali children. The resulting exercises seek to deliver fundamental hygiene lessons and information in a fun and memorable way – and a way that is conducive to the hygiene-conscious practices of daily Somali life and traditional Islamic culture. By giving children practical lessons and tips on improving their own cleanliness and hygiene, CHAST aims to create an important channel for delivering these messages directly into local homes.



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Caritas - Luzern - Suisse

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