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Updated National Water Sector Strategy 2020-2035

Stratégie Nationale sur le secteur de l'eau actualisée 2020-2035
loi, code, texte réglementaire ,
Ed. LEWAP - Beirut
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The Ministry of Energy and Water (MoEW) prepared and adopted the Lebanese National Water Sector
Strategy (NWSS) in 2010 which was endorsed by the Government of Lebanon in 2012 (Resolution No.2,
Date 09/03/2012).
The NWSS of 2012 put an end to a phase and started a new phase that allowed for the first time the
development of a wide and comprehensive national vision for the water sector and for the affirmation
of the general principles of the national water policies on the short, medium and long terms.
Since then, the MoEW has been implementing the management and infrastructure roadmaps
identified in the strategy and in parallel, the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) and
the Water Establishments (WEs) prepared regional water, wastewater and irrigation master plans, and
executed projects across the country.
Seven years later, in 2019, the MoEW decided that it was time to review what has been realized from
the original roadmaps and to update the water and wastewater strategies of 2012 not only by revisiting
the water master plans, wastewater collection and treatment plans, storage / dams master plans, and
irrigation plans, but more importantly by setting a detailed action plan to implement reforms and
create a hydrogeological data management system.
The present document is the consolidated updated strategy; It merges the National Water and
Wastewater strategies of 2012 into one consolidated strategy that we shall call “Updated National
Water Sector Strategy 2020”.

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