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Dirty Water

spectacle vivant (conte, théâtre...) ; 2 pages
Ed. Child-to-Child - London FRESH - Paris
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Musa and Ali were friends. Every morning they had to go to fetch clean water from the well. But the well was far away. There was a place in the river near rocks where the water ran fast. That was nearer home than the well but still far.
Intérêt pédagogique:
How water is polluted. Where and how to get clean water.


Cycle 1 (2-4 ans) , Cycle 2 (5-7 ans) , Cycle 3 (8-10 ans)

Mots clefs:

enfant (DT) (OP) , maladie (DT) (OP) , santé (DT) (OP)


Child-to-Child - London - Royaume Uni

FRESH - Focusing Resources on Effective School Health - Paris

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