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Rural Community Water Supply: Sustainable services for all

livre May 2021 ; 206 pages
Aut. Richard Carter
Ed. Practical Action - Rugby ; Isbn: 9781788531689
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In this book, Richard Carter weaves together the myriad of factors that need to come together to make rural water supply truly available to everyone. Sustainable water supply for all requires sound stewardship of water resources, good quality physical infrastructure, and management and financing arrangements that are equally fit-for-purpose. In many countries, systemic change is needed. Ultimately, radical changes to the global web of injustice that divides this world into rich and poor may be the only way to address the underlying problems.
1. Sustainable rural water services for all
2. Water quantity, quality, and health
3. Groundwater resources
4. Water supply boreholes
5. Water lifting from wells and boreholes: handpumps
6. Water supply infrastructure: beyond handpumps
7. From getting it going to keeping it flowing: management of rural water services
8. Finance: the fuel for sustainable rural water services
9. Rural water users and community water supply programmes
10. Water for all: why is it such a struggle, and what can be done?
11. What’s changing in rural water supply?
12. Imagine another world

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Practical Action - Rugby - Royaume Uni

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