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The Litani River, Lebanon: An assessment and current challenges

Water Science and Technology Library, Volume 85
livre Jan 2018 ; 188 pages
Aut. Amine Shaaban & Mouin Hamzé
CNRSL - Beirut
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The book comprises 10 chapters beginning with a general introduction and the history of the river followed by an introduction to its natural and anthropogenic setting. Subsequently, the pollution in the river watercourses and the major reservoir of Qaraaoun are discussed in detail. Thereby challenges to water resources in the Litani River Basin are diagnosed. This is followed by a discussion of the national plan for the river’s remediation and then the socioeconomic development of the river. The last chapter concludes with highlights from the previously mentioned
1 Introduction . 1
Amin Shaban and Mouin Hamzé
2 Historical Background on the Litani River . 15
Iman Abd El Al
3 Physical Characteristics and Water Resources
of the Litani River Basin. 33
Amin Shaban, Ghaleb Faour and Mohammad Awad
4 The Physical, and Chemical and Microbial Characteristics
of Litani River Water . 57
Nada Nehme and Chaden Haidar
5 Evaluation of the Physicochemical and Environmental
Status of Qaraaoun Reservoir . 71
Ali Fadel and Kamal Slim
6 Groundwater Quality in the Upper Litani River Basin . 87
Nabil Amacha and Safaa Baydoun
7 Improving Water-Use Efficiency and Productivity
in the Litani River Basin. 107
Ihab Jomaa and Amin Shaban
8 Assessment of the Sustainability of Water Resources
in the Litani River Basin. 121
Nadim Farajalla, Yasmina El Amine and Amin Shaban
9 The National Plan for Litani River Remediation . 147
Talal Darwich, Amin Shaban and Mouin Hamzé
10 Conclusion and Discussion . 161
Mouin Hamzé and Amin Shaban
Index . 173


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