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Excreta disposal in Emergencies Manual : A service, not just an infrastructure

manuel Oct 2021 ; 177 pages
Aut. Andy Bastable & Laurence Hamai
Ed. OXFAM UK - Oxford
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This manual aims to help you find your way around excreta disposal systems wherever your curiosity leads you. Next you will find the main page where you can click on any topic to go directly to the sections and sub-sections that interest you. In each section a menu on the left side lists links to the manual’s chapters. For any subchapter that contains more than one page you will find navigation arrows on the top right side of the page.
At the bottom of each page, you will find the references used and if it is available on the web a hyperlink has been added for you to reach and consult the original document. You are encouraged to click on the reference titles to open the hyperlinks and look at the documents to find further information.
An excreta disposal system is designed from the household level toward centralised / semi-centralised treatment and safe disposal processes. To ensure the service last, four components need to be considered, designed, built, and maintained with users and local authorities.

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