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Why Period friendly toilets matter

affiche, aide visuelle May 2018 ; 2 pages
Ed. WASH United - Berlin WSSCC - Genève WVI - Milton Keynes
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This infographic presents facts how lack of it impacts women and girls and what are easy measurements to guarantee a safe, hygienic and dignified toilet.
On any given day, approximately 300 million women and girls menstruate. In order to manage their menstruation safely, hygienically, with confidence and with dignity, they need a private space to attend to their menstruation-related needs, such as washing themselves and changing materials. For most women and girls, this will be a toilet.

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WASH United - Berlin - Allemagne

WSSCC - Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council - Genève - Suisse

WVI - World Vision UK - Milton Keynes - Royaume Uni

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