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Water Management in Israel

Key Innovations and Lessons Learned for Water-Scarce Countries
rapport Aug 2017 ; 56 pages
Aut. Philippe Marin & Shimon Tal & Joshua Yeres & Klas Ringskog
World Bank - Washington
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- Chapter 1 Introduction 1
- Chapter 2 Overview of the Israeli Water Sector 3
Hydrological Situation: One of the Most Water-Stressed Countries in the World 3
The Israeli Water Story: Achieving Water Security Despite Extreme Scarcity 3
Political Economy of Reforms: How Successive Crises Have Driven Change 5
Institutional Framework: Key National Players in the Water Sector 6
Legal and Regulatory Framework of the Israeli Water Sector 8
Notes 8
- Chapter 3 Moving toward Full Cost Recovery through Tariffs 9
Achieving Self-Financing of the Water Sector, Despite Acute Water Scarcity 9
Mekorot Has Been Transformed into a Corporatized Public Sector Company 10
Potable Water and Sanitation Utilities: Corporatization and Regionalization 10
Salient Features of the Corporatization of Water Supply and Sanitation Utilities 11
Partnering with the Private Sector for Financing Infrastructure Investment
and to Improve Performance 12
Regulation and Tariff-Setting Mechanisms for Water and Sanitation Utilities 12
Prices of Irrigation Services Are among the Highest in the World 14
Notes 15
- Chapter 4 Key Innovations in the Israeli Water Sector 17
First Innovation: National Water System to Connect All Water Infrastructure 17
Second Innovation: Large-Scale Reuse of Treated Wastewater for Irrigation 18
Third Innovation: Large-Scale Desalination PPPs for Potable Water Independence 21
Fourth Innovation: Using Aquifers as Reservoirs 25
Fifth Innovation: Interception of Surface Water Run-Off and Recharge 27
Sixth Innovation: Promoting Crop Selectivity and Importation of Virtual Water 27
Seventh Innovation: Efficient Irrigation Technologies 28
Eighth Innovation: Promoting Demand Management and Public Awareness 29
Ninth Innovation: Creating a Supporting Environment for Water Innovation 30
Notes 32
- Chapter 5 Key Lessons Learned from the Israeli Water Sector 33
References 37

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