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Smoke, health and household energy

Researching pathways to scaling up sustainable and effective kitchen smoke alleviation
publication Jan 2007 ; 148 pages
Ed. Practical Action - Rugby
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In May 2005, Practical Action published 'Smoke, health and household energy Volume 1, describing a participatory approach researched by the organisation into the design, installation, monitoring and assessment of smoke alleviation technologies or interventions. The thirty households in each of three communities involved in the original research project were from: Kenya, Nepal and Sudan.
• an urban community in Kisumu, Kenya
• a displaced community close to Kassala town in Sudan
• Gatlang, a high cold region in northern Nepal
However, achieving improved indoor air quality in thirty households in three countries does not even start to address the problem when millions are in need of new technologies. Indoor air pollution (IAP) is responsible for around 1.5 million deaths each year. This demands a
more radical and long-lasting approach. Many millions of households need to get rid of the smoke from their homes if their lives and the health of their children is not to be seriously compromised. How can this be done?


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